Renee Mascari (pictured), chief executive of the KBB National Training Group, has called on the industry to support the organisation amid plans to lift it to “the next level”.

The NTG was key to the launch of the new foundation degree in kitchen design and many other industry training initiatives, but Mascari admitted that funding is drying up and new backers are desperately needed.

“It’s time to share the load,” she said. “We need new members. We need fresh eyes, fresh ears, fresh ideas and fresh financial support. We owe a lot to the founding members. We’ve achieved what we’ve achieved with their support but we need to continue it. So if you can bring both your expertise and your wallet to the table, please contact us.”

Mascari revealed the NTG needs a minimum of £75,000 per year from the industry to keep it going. “The big message,” she said, “is we want to rise to the next level. We’ve gained the respect of the qualification awarding bodies and it’s taken a lot of time to get to that point. Having got there we want to move on.”

Mascari agreed that many in the industry found training a boring subject but that there were real benefits to getting on board. “By backing the NTG you get exposure by association. It’s a chance to demonstrate to the wider industry as well as your customers that you value what education brings to your business and to the industry as a whole. Showing you are a brand that cares.”

New proposals include a programme of CPD learning, which it is hoped will be financially backed and supported by the industry. The NTG already deliver professional courses, but these will now be accredited hours of learning for the individual.

“The initiative would be a huge addition to the NTG and underpin what we’re doing,” Mascari said. “CPD is continuous professional development and something we need to take seriously.

“We’ve got great pledged support from quite significant stakeholders. In principle they’re 100% behind it. They see it as being really positive. It underpins their training and most of all CPD learning is for the individual. Companies benefit but the bigger beneficiaries are the individuals.”

For the full interview with Renee Mascari, see the November issue of kbbreview.