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Drawing on the expertise of sponsors Airflow Developments, The National Training Group (NTG) has released a new Ventilation Learning Guide, which explains the importance of ventilation and best practice principles for those specialising in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry.

The first coordinated body of its type, the NTG is a network of individuals, businesses and manufacturers dedicated to providing first-class educative materials and support services for those working within the sector. Working in partnership with industry associates such as Airflow, the NTG is able to establish new career paths and help up-skill existing workforces by developing qualifications through CPD learning.

Expert in its field, Airflow Developments has been instrumental in producing the latest Ventilation Learning Guide, which outlines why effective ventilation is paramount for protecting the longevity of homes and ensuring occupants do not suffer from negative health effects due to poor indoor air quality. The guide also explores a variety of whole house, continuous and intermittent ventilation solutions, and explains optimum installation zones for each specific option.

“The Learning Guide’s mantra is ‘Educate to Inspire through Lifelong Learning’, and we fully support this ethos when it comes to training and educating those on the best use of ventilation,” commented John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow Developments. “Without proper ventilation the fabric of our buildings will deteriorate and occupants are at risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

The NTG develops comprehensive and informative learning literature and we were delighted to work in partnership to create the new Ventilation Learning Guide; and we will continue to raise awareness of the important role ventilation has to play within our homes and provide best practice advice.”

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